Fast, flexible and unflappable, Toronto photographer Ben Mark Holzberg has been shooting both the celebs and the civilians in the pressure-cooker media world for 20+ years.

Indeed, a picture may be worth a thousand words, just not necessarily the same thousand words: Ben Mark photographs the feeling-the picture evokes the mood. Fading light, cranky talent? He confronts chaos and conveys crisp, clean compositions. Ben Mark massages the most difficult situations, turns on a dime and even gives change. He’ll mimic that look required and be inventive, versatile, and original.

And he does it seamlessly with creative directors and editors, publicists and producers. Pictures tell your story, but without pictures your ad, article or annual report just isn’t. Taking the moment and making it, well, the moment. Ben Mark Holzberg delivers, coast to coast and now trans border with the U.S.A. Green Card.

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